Automobile or Motorcycle Mileage Rate effective September 1, 2017 is $ .25/mile

Employee Moving Expense Mileage Rate effective January 2019 is $.20/mile

For information regarding employee moving expense reimbursement, click here.

Personal Vehicle Mileage

A Traveler will be reimbursed for use of a personal vehicle (including vans, pickups, panel trucks and motorcycles) while on University business (excluding commuting miles) at the standard mileage rate established by the University of Nebraska for the actual miles driven on University business.

Fuel receipts will not be accepted for personal vehicle travel reimbursement. Documentation of the Traveler’s direct route will need to be submitted through the University expense management tool. All mileage that exceeds the Direct Route of travel must be submitted with a detailed mileage log.

Home to Temporary Work Location

Mileage for the Direct Route from a Traveler’s home to a temporary work location, including but not limited to travel from the Traveler’s home to an airport, is reimbursable.


Commuting miles are not reimbursable.

Additional Mileage from Commute

Additional mileage incurred outside of the direct commute for an employee is reimbursable if the extra miles are for University business travel and the Traveler is in Travel Status.

Personal Insurance

The Traveler’s personal vehicle insurance will be the primary coverage for all travel while on University business and driving a personal vehicle. The University insurance policy will be utilized as secondary coverage if necessary. The University will not reimburse or be held responsible for any personal insurance coverage, deductibles or uninsured losses.

Other Forms of TravelAny Traveler wanting to use alternative means of travel, including but not limited to privately owned or chartered airplanes and charter buses, must submit a Pre-Trip Request outlining why the alternate form of travel is being requested and affirming that no other, more economical means of travel is available before these forms of travel may be used. The Traveler’s Supervisor Approver and the University Travel Office will review the request and determine whether additional approval is appropriate.

For more information, please refer to the University of Nebraska's Travel Policy, effective date for UNL September 24, 2018.