Employee Moving Expense

In general, the University will only reimburse employees for moving expenses if approved by an appropriate administrative officer. Authorization by the hiring department is required to reimburse new professional staff and current employees. For approved moves, this constitutes the general policy for the reimbursement of moving expenses for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Effective January 1, 1994; the distance between the employee's old residence and the new job site must increase at least 50 miles over the distance between the old residence and old job site.  In order to be reimbursed for any expenses under this policy, the expenses must be incurred by the employee no longer than one year from the date the employee is officially tranferred to the new duty station.

Reimbursable expenses include:

  • The cost of transportation of the employee and members of his/her household from old to new residence.
  • The cost of transporting household goods and personal effects. However, the University will only pay or reimburse expenses for the shipment of an automobile, boat, mobile home, camper, and/or trailer with the pre-approval of the hiring department.
  • The cost of meals and lodging en route.
  • Temporary living expenses for up to 30 days at a new location.
  • Expenses of traveling (including meals and lodging) from the former residence to the new place of employment for the principal purpose of searching for a new residence. A maximum of two pre-move house-hunting trips is allowed.

Reimbursement for the cost of relocating personal vehicles from one's former home to their new residence is limited to one trip, one way, for one vehicle only. The current mileage reimbursement rate can be found here.
The University has household moving contracts detailed here. These are our preferred moving companies and we believe that their use should eliminate many potential moving problems.

Payment will be made to the moving company by state warrant. If the employee elects for a "do it yourself" move, the employee may submit an Employee Expense Voucher with receipts for reimbursement provided the expenses are within the department's guidelines. The following expenses are reimbursable: (a) air, bus or rail tickets or mileage for one automobile; (b) rental of trucks, trailers and moving carts; (c) packing crates; (d) loading and unloading help; (e) parking and toll fees.

The University will reimburse the employee on the Employee Expense Voucher. However, payments for moving made to an employee will be reported on the employee's W-2. The IRS also requires the University to withhold income tax and FICA taxes on reimbursements of meals for the employee and family, pre-move house hunting trips, and temporary living expenses. The amount of any reimbursement will be reported to the payroll office and in the next payroll cycle an adjustment will be made against the employee's wages for the taxable portions of any reimbursements. Due to the tax requirement, reimbursements will not be processed until the employee is on the University payroll.

Any questions pertaining to contracted moving services should be directed to Procurement Services at 402-472-2126.