Travel means absence from the city or town where one normally works for the purpose of conducting University business. All travel that requires the expenditure of funds appropriated to or controlled by the University must be authorized before departure. A Travel Authorization (TA) form, which is available on SAPPHIRE, or a department specific form is required to be completed and retained in the department. This approval includes, where applicable, the authorization to use a privately owned vehicle for University business. No University funds will be advanced to employees for travel expenses. Personal maintenance expenses (food and lodging) may not be direct billed to the University.

When travel involves no expenditure of University funds, but will result in the absence of a University employee during a working period, no TA is required. However, the employee must still obtain permission for the absence from the department head prior to departure. Such requests should consist of a memorandum that documents the absence and nature of the travel and/or a "Request for Leave"  if appropriate. 

Who is Covered

The following individuals may apply for travel expense reimbursements:

  • Members of the Board of Regents
  • Employees and emeriti staff members of the University
  • Persons on special assignment approved on the TA request by the dean, director, vice chancellor, or chancellor
  • Students who are:
    • Employees of the University
    • Members of the Board of Regents
    • Members of an official University committee approved by the chancellor's office traveling on University business