International Travel Registration - Professional (ITRP)

On this page you will find tasks that you, as a professional, will need to complete before you travel out of the U.S.

Planning a Trip Outside of the U.S?

Step 1

You need to file a Travel Request (pre-trip authorization), using Concur. Instructions for completing the Travel Request found here.

Purpose: UNL places a high value on protecting all faculty, staff and students when traveling overseas. Registration of all international travelers allows UNL to provide evacuation insurance, alert travelers to potential dangers and provide guidance on following federal export control laws.

Note: Enrolled students (including Graduate Assistants) are currently required to register UNL-related international travel with the Education Abroad Office.

Step 2

You need to make your reservation(s) with a phone call to the University contracted travel management company, Fox World Travel at 855-694-4287.  International flights with one destination can be booked through the Concur website.

Purpose: UNL values the ability to know how and when to assist international travelers when circumstances change, especially during the course of travel. Fox World Travel tracks all reservations purchased from their system and can efficiently notify both travelers and the University of potential remedies to dangerous situations, and assist in medical emergency evacuations.

Will this trip, or any portion thereof, be reimbursed by UNL?

Note: In the event that your trip is 100% paid from another source than UNL and you have no reason to file for travel expense reimbursements upon your return, you are encouraged to use Fox World Travel, but are not required to do so. You still need to file a Travel Request (pre-trip authorization).

Step 3: What else will I need to do?

Completing steps 1 and 2 above will fully register your international trip with the UNL Travel System. You should expect to receive e-mail messages that are customized to your trip, its destinations, and countries you may be passing through in route. Some examples would be: instructions about signing up for University-provided emergency evacuation insurance, U.S. State Department and Center for Disease Control websites that highlight current risks and countries on high alert status, export control law information and guidance.

View this document for frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about the International ITRP System.