Employees are encouraged to "shop around" since strong competition in the rental car market usually brings short duration sales in some local markets. Other programs (e.g., AAA or AARP discount programs) may provide cheaper rates than using the University's established discount programs.

Rental Agencies

The University of Nebraska is participating in a Big10 contract with Enterprise Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental.  University employees are encouraged to utilize this contract when traveling for business. The traveler may choose one of the following ways to make a vehicle rental reservation:

  1. Go to enterprise.com and enter your corporate ID and cost center. This ID is found on the Car Rental Program Summary link below.
  2. Reserve the vehicle through the booking tool in Concur.
  3. Email University Fleet Management to set up direct billing.

This Car Rental Program Summary also provides rate and coverage information. University employees may also use this contract for personal use, however insurance will not be included. Questions? Please contact Melody Stark at 402-554-3456.

See policy for preferred provider and procedures.

Auto Insurance on Rental Cars - Determining What Coverage to Purchase

When renting cars from National or Enterprise Rent-a-Car, decline all insurance offerings. 
For all other rental car companies use the following to determine what coverage to purchase.

Type of TripRental PeriodDistanceSLP (Supplemental Liability Protection)CDW (Collision Damage Waiver)
Local Travel at Destination City Daily 50-100 Miles per Day Recommended Decline
Local Travel at Destination City One Month or More 50-100 Miles per Day Recommended Accept
Interstate Highway Daily 50-300 Miles per Day Recommended Decline
Interstate Highway One Month or More More than 300 Miles per Day Recommended Accept
Unimproved Highways or Unpaved Roads All Times All Distances Recommended Accept
International Travel Including Canada All Times All Distances Accept Accept
All Recognized Student Organizations or Non-UNL Employee All Times All Distances Accept Accept

Personal accident insurance and personal effects protection insurance are NEVER reimbursable.

For additional questions, please contact University Fleet Management at 402-472-7766 or 402-472-7733.

Additional Info