Travel Reimbursement Quick Reference

This information is compiled from the Nebraska State Accounting Manual, University Business Travel Policy & uniform Campus Travel Guidelines and is not inclusive of all rules and policies. Refer to the University's travel webpage as necessary.

Mileage Reimbursement

Automobile or Motorcycle Mileage Rate effective January 1, 2020 is $ .29/mile

Employee Moving Expense Mileage Rate effective January 1, 2020 is $.17/mile


Airfare - See University of Nebraska's webpage "Lodging and Transportation" for information on booking airfare.

Please note: The University will reimburse employees for airline fees that are reasonable and necessary for the stated business purpose of the trip. Please itemize these expenses by date and explain any unusual or excessive charges.

Trip Date/Time  
Air Flight Travel Start of Trip Time left for airport
  End of Trip Time returned to home from airport
Vehicle Travel Start of Trip Time left from home or work
  End of Trip Time returned to home or work

Required Receipts

Submit receipts to Accounting/Accounts Payable with Travel Expense Statement (created through Concur Expense) or Employee Expense Voucher (paper form.)

  • Commercial Travel (airline, bus and rail)
  • Car Rental
  • Gasoline (rental cars or University vehicles only)
  • Lodging - Must claim single rate or provide explanation.
  • Registration Fees
  • Non-travel Related Supplies (purchased while traveling, e.g. books, CD's, etc.)
  • Meals (including tip and taxes) - Effective May 26, 2009, detailed receipts are required for all food/meal expenses equal to or greater than $5, including meals reflected on hotel receipts. 
  • All other receipts are the be retained by traveler and should be available upon request.

Shared expenses - Each traveler will claim expenses individually. One is not allowed to claim expenses for another, except when a hotel room is shared.

Official Function - Include detailed, original itemized meal receipts (remove alcohol and related taxes/tips), list of attendees and meeting agenda/conference flyer.

Personal Entertainment/Services - Not an allowable reimbursable expense.

Food Receipt Requirements and 60 Day Reimbursement Deadline

On May 26, 2009, Nebraska legislation (LB 533) went into effect that requires additional supporting documentation for employee expense reimbursements.

Detailed receipts are required for all food/meal expenses equal to or greater than $5. Each request must be fully itemized, including the amount, date, place, and essential character of the expense incurred.

In addition, expense reimbursement requests must be received in the Accounting Office (410 Canfield) no later than 60 days after the final day on which expenses were incurred.  This State of Nebraska statutory requirement (81-1174) cannot be waived.  The full statute can be reviewed here.

We recommend reimbursement requests be received in the UNL Accounting office within 30 calendar days from which the expenses were incurred.  To assist in determining the 60 day deadline, please consult the 60 day calendar.

If you have any questions, please call Accounting at 472-2881.