Departments should contact Procurement Services at least one month in advance of the anticipated trip. Procurement Services will solicit bids and report the results to the requesting department. Purchasing will issue a purchase order from the original requisition to the successful bidder. Procurement Services will request a requisition once the bid process is completed and a purchase order will be processed.

State Aircraft
To obtain the use of State aircraft, departments should contact Procurement Services and have the following information available:

  • Name(s) of traveler(s)
  • Destination
  • Date(s) of trip
  • Departure time
  • Office and home phone numbers of traveler in charge of trip
  • Cost object to charge

Departments should then send a requisition to the Purchasing Department including the above information. Use of State aircraft is billed to Procurement Services by the State Department of Aeronautics on an intrastate transaction document. Procurement Services will in turn bill the department on an internal University charge ticket.