Meal Reimbursement

Meal Reimbursement Reminder

UNL will only reimburse travelers for actual meal expenses accrued during the trip. Meal expenses incurred where the employee resides or in their primary work location are not reimbursable. Nebraska statutes state that "...only actual employee expenses are to be reimbursed." Therefore claiming per diem rates is not allowed.

Lodging Reimbursement & Reservation

University of Nebraska Hotel Reservation Program

The Controllers Office is pleased to announce the new University of Nebraska Hotel Reservation Program. Offered through our new partner, this exclusive service makes booking hotel rooms quick and easy and ensures the best hotel rates available. All Nebraska employees should begin to use it immediately.

In addition, we’re excited to tell you we have launched the new University of Nebraska Preferred Credit Card. When using our new Hotel Reservation service for university business travel, you will now charge your room and tax to this new credit card. All you need to do is enter your Cost Object #, Type of Travel and Reason for Travel. This automatically allows you access to our new hotel card. The charge goes directly to the UN Preferred Credit Card account and is paid by the university.

Click here for more information about this new program. Or contact Travel Services at 402-472-3330 or