There are two approved ways to purchase air travel when traveling on UNL business- booking through Travel & Transport, the prime vendor for University of Nebraska travel, OR booking with Southwest Airlines at Both companies allow the expense to be charged to your department directly.

Air Travel Insurance

Travel & Transport and Southwest Airlines provide for lost luggage insurance of up to $1,250. Additionally, when the cost is charged directly to the University credit card, both companies offer travel accident insurance -- Travel and Transport's insurance limit is $400,000 and Southwest Airline's insurance limit is $250,000. However, if the expense is charged to a personal credit card, the offer of travel accident insurance is reduced to $150,000 (Travel and Transport) or $0 (Southwest Airlines). Additional costs and benefits are listed below along with the information/links needed to purchase air travel.

Full Service Travel Agency

Travel and Transport
486-4111 or

Costs and Benefits of using Travel & Transport:

  • Costs - $5 fee for web purchase and $22 fee for telephone purchase
  • Credit vouchers will be issued for price reductions after purchase (method of credit varies depending on airline)
  • Travel vouchers issued to employee for unused travel
  • Employees are notified of unused travel vouchers before they expire

Southwest Airlines

To purchase tickets on Southwest, call 800-435-9792 or read the agreement below and click "I Agree" to book online at

Instructions for first time users.

I agree that if any problem occurs with the ticket purchase from this web site, I will contact Southwest Airlines directly to resolve the problem. Considerations I am aware of include limited service after the purchase (Travel and Transport will not be able to help with the Southwest Airlines bookings) and no automatic air fare reductions made between the time of purchase and the travel date.

Benefits of using Southwest:

  • No transaction fees
  • Uses same web site as employees use for leisure travel

If you choose to purchase airline tickets through another source other than Travel & Transport or Southwest, here are a few things to consider:

  • You will have to pay for the ticket yourself and process the reimbursement with the rest of your trip expenses after your trip is complete. This is because an employee can only process one reimbursement per trip.
  • You will have to bear the cost and inconvenience of any changes made to your ticket.

For additional questions, please contact Chris Barber in University Services via email or at 472-3330.