Foreign Travel

Foreign travel is defined as any travel outside the United States and the US possessions of Guam, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. UNL travel policy applies to both domestic and foreign travel. The links below are meant to assist you with information specific to foreign travel.

Executive Memorandum No. 25

Policy on University Sponsored Travel by Students, Faculty, Staff, or Members of the General Public to Countries Under a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Travel Health Notice.  Click here to read the full Executive Memorandum.

Medical, Political Security, and Natural Disaster Evacuation Coverage

The University of Nebraska - Lincoln has blanket international travel coverage for all faculty and staff who travel outside the country on UNL business with the correct visa. More details of the coverage can be found here.

US State Department Travel Warnings

Current travel warnings and alerts issued by the US Department of State can be seen here.

Foreign Currencies

When requesting reimbursement for foreign travel, all expenses must be converted to US dollars. There are three options for selecting a conversion rate:

  • Credit Card Rate - If you charged expenses on a credit card, the credit card company converts the expenses to US dollars for you. This is the most convenient and accurate method.
  • On-site Exchange Rate - If you exchanged US dollars for foreign currency while traveling, the exchange rate listed on your currency exchange receipt can be used to convert all cash expenses on the trip, regardless of daily exchange rate fluctuations during your trip.
  • Online Rate - You can use the online currency converter at

Language Translation

All foreign receipts must be translated to show items purchased. Meal receipts must detail the exact food items and beverages purchased. Receipts translated as ‘lunch’ or ‘beverage’ will not be accepted.

Export Control

Please see the Office of Research and Economic Development webpage for international travel and research.

Passport Services

UNL faculty, staff, and students traveling abroad can find details about how to secure a passport at
The website provides all the information you need to prepare for your passport application process.

Visa Support

UNL faculty and staff traveling abroad can use the International Engagement Visa Support Webpage to find details about how to secure a visa, and enroll in the US State Department Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).